Here at Epilogue we want to provide our visitors with an unexpected and rewarding shopping, gifting and learning experience. We truly appreciate our discerning clientele and work hard to seek out wonderful and surprising high quality handmade treats by artisans from across the country.

We don’t think of our customers as customers but rather as friends.  We are here to be as helpful as we can, to make your day better and to evoke a smile.

Lights on?  We might be in later than hours listed.  Always open by appointment.

The Epilogue family will be open and eager to greet you but we believe in crawling before walking and then eventually running, so please familiarize yourselves with the guidelines listed below. We care about you, we care about our families and we care about each other!

•We are introducing a “Phone First” approach to visiting Epilogue. Please let us know you are planning a visit so we can make sure you can come on in when you get here.

• We will insist on facial masks on our guests, [we all wear them too].

•We will have hand sanitizer ready for you so you can shop with your hands, not just your eyes.

•Prefer to wear gloves? We have plenty of brand new ones in two different sizes!

•In our cozy smaller space, we will adhere to the social distancing of 6ft.

•Please don’t be offended if we use a disinfecting wipe here and there while you are in the store. We’ve become a bit obsessed with keeping this a very safe environment.

•If you arrive at Epilogue for an impromptu visit and we are “full”, please feel free to enjoy a seat on our benches or chairs and we will let you know as soon as someone goes and we have room

• Phone orders, curbside pick up, local delivery and the like are still available to those preferring to take this route.

Curious to see what is new? We have been receiving new things even while we have been sheltering in order to support our extended family of artists and makers.

More is coming every week!

Even though we will want to welcome you back with a hug, our smiling eyes peaking over our masks will have to suffice for now!

130 Old McHenry Road
Long Grove, IL 60047


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