SaveTheBridgeBannerThere’s a beloved State relic from a time bygone in historic downtown Long Grove that is in danger of being demolished.  We would like to share with you the story of our famed Long Grove Covered Bridge before asking for your support in helping us save it.

As one of the last iron trusses in The Chicago area, the single-lane Covered Bridge is so iconic, it’s quite literally become Long Grove’s emblem.   For over 100 years, the bridge has stood as the symbol of this crossroads town, one of the first in the country to pass a Historic Landmark Ordinance (in 1962) so that new construction need conform to its unique and charming style.  The Covered Bridge has transcended its historical role as a functional necessity and a tourist attraction into something of far greater significance – the Queen and Protector of this special place we call Long Grove just 35 miles NW of Chicago.

As the gateway to the historic downtown, the Covered Bridge is where Long Grove’s quaintness begins and ends.  Not only does the single-lane bridge buffer the town from being a major thoroughfare to Route 53, but there’s also something enchanting about waiting at a stop sign while the car opposite of you slowly passes over the bridge before your turn.

To paraphrase one resident: “I love how you need to stop, which suggests for you to relax, and prepare to step back in time to a less hectic world.  As you ease across the bridge, the sound and feel of the bricks and timbers under you add another reminder that you’re entering a special place.”

We are working with the Village of Long Grove and the Long Grove Historical Society to save the bridge.  We have created the “Save the Bridge” campaign.  To the Long Grove community and people who visit here from around the world, the Covered Bridge means so much more than money.  It’s about integrity, and story.  The Covered Bridge makes Long Grove the pedestrian-friendly, walking town it is known for; where people feel safe crossing streets with kids and buzzing in and out of shops.  Opening up the main artery to 53 would change the whole atmosphere and landscape of downtown Long Grove, adding considerable traffic and safety concerns while detracting from the quaint, historic story of this timeless town.

Save the Bridge petitions are currently in circulation.  To date, over 3,500 people stemming throughout all seven continents have endorsed our cause.  We still need more statewide support to preserve, not destroy our single-lane Covered Bridge – an Illinois treasure.  If you agree with our sentiment, we hope you will consider signing our Save the Bridge petition, click here.

It’s not always about history that has passed, it’s about history in the making.  In 50 years, we hope historians can look back and say in saving the Covered Bridge, the people who love Long Grove held on to something even more significant – a quaint historic-themed island in a vast ocean of suburbia.savethebridgesign

Please sign the online petition and include where you are from. CLICK HERE

How Can I Help?

  1. Donate Your Time – Share this page on facebook. Read up on the issues. Attend a committee meeting. Take a selfie with the bridge and post it online #SaveTheBridge. Attend a Village Board meeting. Work a booth. Get on our mailing list. Sell Raffle Tickets. Spread the Word. Sign the petition. Write a limerick. Stamp postcards for mailings. There are plenty of ways of helping out – something for all skills, tastes, shapes, sizes and availability. Drop us an email at to get involved.
  2. Donate Your Money – Make a credit card donation right now via our GoFundMe Page Buy a raffle ticket – see our raffle page for locations where they are available. For larger monetary donations, we prefer checks, as 100% of the money will go into The Bridge Fund (we lose a few percent on online donations to the internet gods). If you’ve got money to give – we can figure out the best way to make it happen – just let us know at

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