Are stores open on late during festivals? merchant booths?  If the shops are busy, they usually stay open later during festivals. Most of the restaurants are open evenings. Information about each business is located on the Dining and Shopping pages.

NOTE: All Long Grove businesses are independently owned and operated. Business and property owners are free to set their own hours. If a specific business is your destination, always call ahead.

How late are the Merchant booths open?  Usually until at least 6, depending on crowds and weather.

Do you have a Lost & Found?
The Visitor’s Information Center (847) 634-0888 collects and logs all lost items turned in by guests or our businesses. If the owner can be identified we will contact them. Otherwise, we keep items for approximately 1 month before we dispose of them.

Are dogs allowed in the village?
Well-behaved pets on leashes are allowed in public areas, unless a problem arises or owners don’t control them. Shops have their own policies, only service animals allowed in businesses where food is prepared or served.  Please bring water and waste bags.

Are the buildings handicap accessible?
Due to the historic nature of our village, not all buildings are accessible to wheelchairs or strollers. Brand new sidewalks and streets line the areas of the shopping district. The Visitor’s Information Center maintains a list of handicap accessible buildings or call the business directly (see shopping and dining pages).

Do you rent wheelchairs or strollers?
There are none available to rent in Long Grove.

Do you have public restrooms?
There are portable restrooms throughout the festival.

Can Long Grove be reached using public transportation?
Long Grove is not currently served by commuter rail or bus lines. The Directions & Maps page has a link and phone numbers to train service in the area.  Ride share services are also very popular.

Is photography allowed?
Long Grove’s buildings and green spaces are very photogenic. Photography is encouraged for personal use. Photography for commercial purposes should be discussed with the property owner if the business sign or name will be displayed. The Visitor’s Information Center can help to direct inquiries to specific property owners.

Is there lodging nearby?
Yes, we have a list of nearby lodging here on our website. Information is available from the Lake County Convention & Visitors Bureau, or by calling (847) 662-2700.

How do I participate in festivals as a vendor or entertainer?
Go to the specific event listing on the Events & Festivals page in the event are interested in and follow directions and guidelines for application.

Current Brochure of town – click here

What is the Village of Long Grove website?
Click here…

What is the Long Grove Historical Society website?
Click here…

What is the Long Grove Park District website?
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How far is Long Grove from Chicago?
We are approximately 35 miles northwest of the Loop. Depending on the day of the week and time of day, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours by car (Maps & Directions)

How far is Long Grove from Milwaukee?
Approximately one hour (View at Google™ Maps)

How far is Long Grove from O’Hare Airport?
Approximately 40 minutes. (View at Google™ Maps)

How far is Long Grove from Six Flags/Gurnee?
Approximately 25 minutes. (View at Google™ Maps)

How far is Long Grove from Woodfield Mall?
Approximately 20 minutes. (View at Google™ Maps)


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